Strategic Maintenance System

23 January 2014, Comments: Comments Off

Companies will always look to cut costs where they can, but smart businesses will look to the long term benefits in spending cash in necessary areas that may not bring immediate results. However, by projecting what they want to achieve this outlay could be a money saver in future years and be of great benefit to the company.

Strategic maintenance systems can be expensive and tricky to implement for businesses not used to using them and it advisable to research the area or contact a consultant, like Asset Right Ltd, with the sufficient expertise to provide the best advice to suit your company. There are a number of types of maintenance systems that can be chosen, all of which have varying degrees of expense, complexity and suitability depending on your business and the industry it is based in. Some examples of strategies being:

Corrective – This isn’t really a strategy but more of a waiting game in that you wait until a part fails then you get it fixed. However, this means having unplanned downtime whilst fixing the issue, a risk of damage to worker and the equipment alike and the expense of having to pay a premium of repairing at short notice.

Preventative – In order to reduce the risk of machinery failing inspections can be arranged at regular intervals. This will help discover any problems that could be building up and give the company a decision to make in terms of when they should schedule a repair.

Continual Assessment – This is where the equipment is constantly monitored for any change in its condition and will compare the data against a base level that will indicate when the equipment is working, when in need of repair and when it requires replacement.

There will always be costs associated with maintenance but consultants like can help align your company with the correct strategic maintenance system.

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