Six Sigma

Improvement delivery through Lean / Six Sigma is widely used in companies today as a tool for cutting costs, improving process performance and encouraging change within the organisation to achieve corporate goals. When applied strategically across the organisation it can have a significant impact both on a company’s bottom line business performance and on its potential for continued growth. Lean Six Sigma principles provide companies with a common methodology and language with which to position business goals, align people and processes, focus organisational energy, processes and drive results.
AssetRight approach begins with understanding the company's value stream, and then moves rapidly to mapping out processes and costs. Next, we define a view of "full potential" through such measures as bottleneck analysis and internal and external benchmark. Where we can help you:
  • Development of a top-down and inclusive support-strategy
  • A sound framework for change with robust enabling-processes
  • Joint assessment and selection of the right projects linked to your strategy
  • A structured management sponsorship method
  • Development of well-rounded Yellow Belts, Green Belts and Black Belts who can influence change and teach others as well as using the statistical techniques
  • A comprehensive training suite for the whole organisational structure, from executive downward
  • Continued coaching, support and review