Service Strategy

The business of aftermarket and service within many OEM’s and OE manufacturers accounts for almost half of the profits a company makes, yet even today companies still do not recognise the importance of service to their business and are missing out on the strategic advantage this may provide them, ahead of their products being sold. Where it goes wrong is customers do not buy products, they buy solutions to their problems. There is a move taking place in many forward thinking companies towards “Servitization’ which is the innovation of an organisation’s capabilities and processes to shift from selling products to selling integrated products and services that deliver value in use to their customers. Where we can help you:
  • Building sustainable value from services, that complements the entirety of the companies portfolio of products
  • Building lean supply chains that support your marketplace
  • Building solutions that fit customer requirements
  • Building an integrated and compelling service strategy that links to customer needs
  • Building organisational capabilities in the areas of service
Typical project benefits, achievable within Service strategy:
  • Focusing on the customer and developing "hidden" and untapped customer assets
  • Devising a path to achieve leadership economics
  • Building a strong core business
  • Building the customer into your business processes and developing interconnected systems and sub systems to create new opportunities
  • Devising a roadmap to achieve leadership goals