Reliability Engineering Services

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23 January 2014, Comments: Comments Off

AssetRight are able to offer a full range of Reliability Engineering services throughout the product life-cycle, supported by Reliability Engineering specialists and their Safety colleagues. In today’s highly competitive markets, there is a need for increasingly safe and reliable products and systems. It is not ‘safety’ or ‘reliability’ themselves that sell, but their benefits. The implications of poor reliability include: additional spares, extra inspections & maintenance, reduced availability, a less marketable product, higher operating costs and reduced operator profitability. These are all are expensive to the customer, and ultimately to the supplier. Similarly, poor safety can lead to: a failure to meet customer expectations, customer dissatisfaction, a poor reputation, possible litigation, potential bankruptcy and an inability to survive in today’s marketplace. Customers want products and services that are both ‘safe’ and ‘reliable’. They want quality products that work, and go on working for a ‘reasonable’ period of time. The expectation is that products (and services) will not result in injury, or even death. Sometimes, for whatever reason, the customer’s expectations are not met. They then regard the product or service as ‘unsafe’ and ‘unreliable’. Dissatisfied customers tend look for an alternative, and they do not readily return. If nothing is done, we all lose out in terms of business, technical innovation and reputation. If we address safety and reliability, this can lead to new sales opportunities, new markets and greater wealth.

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