Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

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Whether you are an asset supplier, operator or maintainer, AssetRight are able to assist in managing the assets, throughout their lifecycle.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM is a technology solution designed to optimize the management and evolution of a product/ asset throughout its entire life, from conception to retirement.

A PLM strategy is essential for understanding how all the disconnected silos of asset information can be mapped and organized to enable your business to grow and profit in a dynamic global market.

Developing a good PLM strategy requires a clear roadmap of managing the product lifecycle from conception to obsolescence and tying together the various company information systems to manage the design and development processes, cost, human resources, materials management, manufacturing planning, quality, customer service and support.

AssetRight are able to support asset suppliers, operators and maintainers throughout the product lifecycle from concept to retirement/ sale/ disposal or replacement with a new product. This will include obsolescence management of not only components and subsystems but software and operating systems of your product as well as the manufacturing equipment, processes and systems for your product.

AssetRight have hands-on experience of working with operators of long life, aged assets (>50 years), able to improve reliability whilst enhancing service and reducing operating costs. Consultants with AssetRight oversaw the introduction of new long life assets, their reliability growth during test and initial operation through to achieving the required level of performance both in operation and through the new maintenance facilities.

AssetRight consultants also have direct experience of product improvement throughout the lifecycle, working with a supplier to improve working practices, and hence products, by the introduction of a Reliability Improvement Roadmap across the six entities comprising that division of this multinational company.

AssetRight will manage your requirements to ensure an appropriate support structure is in place to achieve the necessary uptime. AssetRight understand the additional constraints in developing countries where a european part storage and supply model is inappropriate, as is the hire of plant and equipment, advising on a suitable strategy for obsolescence, parts and storage throughout the asset’s lifecycle.

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