Predictive Analytics

AssetRight can help improve Asset Management, Maintenance and Service within your business from reactive and preventive to proactive and predictive.
We do this by finding patterns within your data that allow us to identify in the early stages of a problem occurring the reliability issues and the potential consequences of failure to enable you to reduce the cost of failure, increasing uptime and reducing downtime and in its entirety managing the lifecycle costs of your assets, and above all providing a solution that satisfies our customers, customer.
AssetRight can help make predictive maintenance and condition-based maintenance, realities in OEM and OE operations by helping you: Interface and interpret large volumes of data from multiple sources – CMMS, EAM, parts requisitions, supply systems, maintenances logs, field service technician comments, warranty data, condition monitoring sensors, etc. – into a single data source that is optimally managed for reliability, data analysis, tracking and reporting. We convert data into a more usable format by categorising and separating text and machine data and analysing relationships among isolated failures to find patterns and deviations.
We provide data in a relevant format that allows you access to critical information in a format that can be understand within the business without being experts in programming and interpreting complex data.
Predictive Analytics from AssetRight uses physical machine monitoring as well as engineering and service data sources in real time to predict equipment failure so your organisation can minimise costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs. These solutions identify even the most minor variances and failure signatures to determine the areas that are at the greatest risk of failure. This early identification of potential problems helps you manage limited maintenance resources more cost-effectively, maximise equipment uptime, and improve service levels for customers.
Predictive maintenance analytics from AssetRight can help your organisation:
  • Predict when and where equipment’s failures are likely to occur
  • Avoid equipment downtime and reduce maintenance costs
  • Predict warranty claims for particular products and customer types
  • Perform root-cause analyses of asset failures
  • Predictive Analytics maximises uptime and reduces costs
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