PAS55 / ISO 55000

PAS 55 is an internationally recognised specification, which outlines 28 aspects of good asset management. Where PAS 55 really stands out is its intent to allow the entire organisation to have a common language that people from maintenance to finance can use to translate strategy to day-to-day events, which creates significant performance improvement and value for money. Certified compliance with the specification also allows operators to demonstrate effective management to stakeholders.
PAS 55 outlines asset management in a process methodology, which interlinks into the day-to-day business. It specifies the requirements for the identification and management of risk and highlights the vital roles of individuals and teamwork in asset management. Where we can help you:
  • Establish an asset management system to optimally and sustainably manage physical assets.
  • Implement, maintain and improve an asset management system.
  • Comply with asset management policy and strategy.
  • Demonstrate compliance to others.
  • Seek certification/registration of your asset management system by an external organisation.
  • Make a self-determination and self-declaration of compliance.
  • PAS55 Training for management and asset management teams.
Typical project benefits, achievable within PAS55:
  • Use the 28-point checklist as your ling-term framework for better sustainability and performance
  • Improved corporate reputation, including enhanced shareholder value, greater staff satisfaction and more efficient procurement and supply chain
  • Improved risk management, health, safety and environmental performance, with a clear audit trail
  • Monitor and improve the way you manage your physical assets
  • Achieve legal and regulatory compliance and better customer service
  • Evidence that the investment and expenditure on assets is in accordance with the company business strategy
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction from improved performance and control of service delivery
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