Key Performance Indicators

The concept of managing a business is clear-cut. Leaders set strategy and goals, managers develop plans and budgets to achieve the goals, and operational staff executes the plans. Then, everyone continuously monitors their progress toward meeting the goals using reports and analytical tools, and they make corrections as needed to stay on track. However in many cases the areas of asset management and maintenance within the leadership of companies is still not fully understand in respect of what their people are doing and what they contribute towards the business, in many companies maintenance in particular is still seen as a cost and not as a strategic imperative and an area which can create competitive advantage. Where we can help you:
  • Help communicate the benefits of linking strategy and KPi’s throughout the organsation
  • Clarify KPI’s that support strategy and objectives
  • Align departmental and personal goals to the strategy
  • Link strategic objectives to long term targets and annual budgets
  • Identify and align strategic initiatives
Typical project benefits, achievable within KPI’s:
  • Communication Strategy. KPI’s translate corporate strategy into measures, targets and initiatives that the organisation can react to
  • Increase visibility. Provides visibility into daily operations and future performance
  • Increase Coordination. Visibility encourages members of different departments, such as finance and operations, to begin to working more closely together
  • Refine Strategy. Leadership can use KPI’s to fine tune strategy as they go along