Inventory Software

In today’s complex global service supply chains, businesses are challenged by wide variations in cost, lead-time and criticality of parts. Which leads to increased complexity and understanding of service demand requirements and then determining the correct stocking levels throughout the service network. Organisations face challenges in capitalising on the revenue opportunities of best-in-class service levels whilst minimising excess inventory.
Inventory software solutions leverage advanced forecasting, multi-echelon optimisation and sophisticated, constraint-based distribution planning to forecast and plan the service supply chain. They will allow you to plan inventory across your global network based on the part volume, criticality, consequence of failure, and other business rules. The planning and procurement features include demand forecasting, inventory planning, and distribution optimisation that are seamlessly integrated with external procurement, supplier collaboration, and internal replenishment execution processes, These streamlined solutions are specifically designed to deliver substantial business value by improving customer service while reducing operational cost and inventory investment. Where we can help you:
  • Creating a customer centric fulfillment process
  • Enable global supply chains to act as one single solution
  • Shorten delivery times and cash-to-cash cycles
  • Improve staff and capital productivity
Typical project benefits, achievable within Inventory software: