Improving Maintenance Management

Category: Asset Maintenance
23 January 2014, Comments: Comments Off

Do you view the need to maintain your equipment as a necessary evil, or as an opportunity? Many companies take the view that maintenance is something that has to be managed in order to prevent ‘down time’ interrupting the flow of goods or services to customers. But the best companies look at it as an opportunity to improve their systems and processes in order to deliver goods more quickly to customers, and therefore gain a competitive advantage. If you would like to be one of these companies, then you may need some help.

AssetRight Management Consulting offer support and advice to companies wanting to improve their maintenance management. The services they offer include assessments, benchmarking and audits of your maintenance systems, developing performance indicators, identifying training needs for your staff, developing a maintenance strategy, helping you to improve your planning and scheduling of maintenance, and maintenance management training. They are prepared to carry out root cause analysis, and advise on standard maintenance systems such as Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM). They can also help you specify and establish a Computerised Maintenance Management System or an Enterprise Asset Management System, as a crucial step towards controlling your maintenance schedule and making it work for you.

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