Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), which provides visibility, control and automation within organisations, differs from Asset Management because it treats the asset from a company enterprise perspective. It will manage the assets to the benefit of the organisation as a whole and not limit the scope of operation to a specific area such as the maintenance department or the service division. It includes the entire process from initial planning, designed use, installation, training, operations, maintenance and eventual retirement/replacement.
A computerised system designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance activities. Also known as CMMS, typical features include planning, scheduling and monitoring of work orders and maintenance needs.
A Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system is a critical foundational element necessary for the establishment of Best Practices. The CMMS/ EAM is designed to automate standardised processes, collect historical information and provide the ability to quickly sort and analyse large amounts of data. This proactive tool when properly implemented and utilised provides accurate and timely data, enabling informed maintenance and operational management decisions. Where we can help you:
Typical project benefits, achievable within EAM/CMMS:
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