Dealer Standard

Dealer Standards have been around for some time now, yet still within the OEM and OE companies the programs being offered are unsophisticated and not achieving the results that they should. Companies tend to rely on spreadsheets and home built databases to provide the information compiled by field staff that have not been trained in how to measure Dealer performance and then allow them to rate performance in an unscientific way.
This method of working does not provide anywhere near the level of capability available with little effort from the Company and their organisation.
With knowledge and planning you will be able to determine the number of locations and Dealers you actually need. You will be able to measure the performance of the network against reliable standards that will allow you to determine effectiveness and identify improvement opportunities. Our aim is to help you manage and improve performance and Dealer operational efficiency.
AssetRight delivers advanced consulting and proprietary software solutions that help OEM’s and OE clients increase market share and boost profitability through high performing distribution networks. Where we can help you:
  • Dealer Network
  • Dealer Performance
  • Lead Management
  • Marketing Optimisation
Typical project benefits, achievable within Dealer Standard:
  • Determine the proper number, location and type of facilities necessary to achieve Dealer network objectives
  • Diagnose causes of poor Dealer network performance
  • Measure performance of existing Dealers; and evaluate future market demand compared to current facility offerings
AssetRight have developed a web-based solution that allows you to manage and measure your distribution network against agreed standards and compliance across your entire network. It works by benchmarking performance against measurable criteria of financials, facilities, location, customer satisfaction, training and marketing. There are a number of modules available and the system is totally flexible to allow clients to develop at their own pace and not be overwhelmed with a large data hungry system, the system is built around core modules of Dealer Profile Management, To Do Management, Audit Planning & Execution and Analysis & Reporting.
The benefits to our clients:
  • Clear view of what happening within the network at a country, regional or global perspective
  • Forecast future sales and campaigns at post code to national and global level
  • Improve Dealer performance
  • Track your network plan, and optimise operations and management capabilities
  • Extensive Analytics and reporting capability
  • Plan dealer network with precision
  • Target setting