Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring is a major component of an effective predictive maintenance strategy. It allows maintenance to be scheduled to avoid the consequences of failure, before the failure occurs. By monitoring the parameters of the condition in the machinery, any significant change indicates a developing failure.
When the CM system detects a failure the system can only measure on going deterioration of the condition and it must be stressed that failure has already occurred and intervention in the early stages will be more cost effective than allowing the machine to fail. Condition monitoring identifies failures, which would normally reduce the lifespan of the machine and supports a more predictive maintenance plan. Where we can help you:
Typical project benefits, achievable within Condition Monitoring:
Where we can help you with Condition Monitoring:
  • What is the best mix of periodic and continuous data collection
  • What are the latest tools for collecting and analyzing data and how are they better
  • How can you use the collected data more efficiently and effectively
  • How do I get started, or get my current programme back on track