Business Modelling

Business Process Management (BPM) is used to explore your company’s processes in a holistic view of how your Asset Management, Maintenance and Aftermarket is supporting the wider business objectives. It is a key enabler to deliver the highest level of operational throughput, machine uptime and quality of service, in the most productive way, at the most competitive cost and time to output.
AssetRight (BPM) approach regards processes as assets that directly contribute to your business value and performance. We work with our clients to prioritise their Asset Management, Maintenance and Aftermarket processes based on the value at stake. For each process we map it to the wider business processes and then develop a view of the current state based on operational data from your EAM/CMMS and legacy systems, using detailed process maps and analysis to help identify areas of improvement or competitive advantage for our clients. We will then work together with a cross-functional team to define a series of business objectives that will guide the solution generation phase, and create a vision of the future state of each process from the bottom up, along with the roadmap to achieve the near and long term results. Where we can help you:
  • Facilitating a process to enable Executive management teams to develop a shared “common” none technical understanding of Asset Management, Maintenance and Aftermarket drivers within the context of the wider function or company.
  • Simulate the impact of any changes being recommended and the impact they have on the identified and wider business processes.
  • Challenging existing business principals and recommending where changes may be made that will make the biggest impact on the business.
  • Developing recommendations that translate into implementable short, mid and long-term actions, the impact of which can then be measured to ensure that the intended outcomes are being realised during the implementation phase.