The power of consolidation within your Aftermarket and Service functions

With the increased demands to fulfill ever increasing financial and operational targets within your business there is a compelling argument to consider on a global basis moving from fragmented organizational structures towards a more centralized back office support capability for your spare parts order processing, technical catalogue interpretation, parts identification, warranty and technical support.

The benefits of a single central service centre for a country, region are compelling and also well proven in respect of increased customer satisfaction, operational improvement, performance and the real cost benefits achieved in headcount and related costs.

Clearly for any OEM or OE considering consolidating support service functions there needs to be a compelling argument to make such a significant change in your business model, but from our experience the benefits far out way the risks.

Centralized Aftermarket and Service functions benefit the business in the following ways:

  • Consolidate fragmented tasks
  • Flatten the organizational structure
  • Empowerment around a complete process
  • More added value tasks, reduce low value tasks and duplication
  • Decrease level of complexity
  • Leverage partners’ capabilities
  • Use information technology more creatively


If your company is thinking about centralization of Aftermarket and Service functions, please get in touch to learn more about our experience of strategy, implementation and results achieved. For more information contact or visit our web site