• cargo-ship

    Added Value from Asset Management, Maintenance and Aftermarket operations

    We focus entirely on creating added value from improving your Asset Management, Maintenance and Aftermarket operations.

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  • train

    Improving revenue, profitability and cash flow

    Improving the performance of your service parts supply chain can significantly improve aftermarket revenue, profitability and cash flow.

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  • engines

    Predictive maintenance maximises uptime and minimises costs

    Predictive maintenance goes beyond preventative and scheduled maintenance it ensures quality and maximises value every step of the process.

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  • wind turbine

    Use maintenance to provide a cost advantage and increase shareholder value

    Leading companies view maintenance, as an essential tool in creating competitive advantage through reducing the cost of products or services.

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  • lorry

    Service a game changer for competitive advantage

    Are you keeping up to date with the latest thinking and best practices across leading global companies, the service business is changing rapidly and winning companies know that service has the potential to improve profitability and provide competitive advantage.

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Who takes care of your Aftermarket?

Who takes care of your Aftermarket?

Why Asset Management is Important
Asset Maintenance

Why Asset Management is Important

Creating a Competitive Advantage
Maintenance Management

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Knowing what your Future looks like
Service Strategy

Knowing what your Future looks like


Asset Management Consultants

AssetRight Management Consultancy specializes in strategic asset management of physical assets across all infrastructure and industrial sectors in the public, private and regulated sectors. Leveraging the experience and knowledge of a world class team of consultants and partners, AssetRight is the world's leading integrator of Asset Management solutions combining people, process, information and technology elements. We work with you to develop and implement tailored solutions to maximize the value of your assets in delivering services to your customers and achieving your organizational goals.

AssetRight exists to help you improve and sustain your business performance whether you are a public or private sector organization. Our aim is to ensure everything we do yields a benefit for you and your customers in terms of cost savings, improved asset performance and reduced risk to service delivery.

We have an in-depth understanding of standards such as PAS 55 and ISO 55000 and specialize in applying a range of business diagnostics, maturity assessment and predictive analytics techniques to gain a real insight into your assets. This will help us to develop optimized investment plans, maintenance, renewal and disposal strategies to tune your asset portfolio to deliver outstanding business performance.

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Our Specialist services include:
  • PAS55 and ISO55000 strategy, gap analysis and implementation
  • Asset management maturity assessment and bench marking
  • Customized Asset Management System design, development and implementation support
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Training and competence development, including mentoring towards achieving IAM qualifications
  • BIM, information architecture and data
  • Strategic Maintenance and Scorecards
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Risk Based Maintenance
  • Lifecycle Reliability Engineering
  • Reliability Growth Planning
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Whole Life Cost Modelling
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis
  • Condition & Structural Health Monitoring
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Support in specifying and implementing Enterprise Asset Management IT systems combined with GIS and Mobile solutions
  • Revenue and Profits Growth
  • Turnaround; Mergers & Acquisitions and Post Merger Integration
  • Change Leadership and Benefits Management
Modular Services

Our unique approach to modular services ensures you only utilize the products and services that maximize impact leading to your desired outcomes. This also means the pace of change within your business is regulated to ensure the benefits are maximized and sustained.

Sector Expertise:

Within our team, AssetRight has deep sector expertise in Industrial, Marine, Ports, Container Terminals, Defence, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Transport, Rail, Renewables, Utility sectors, and can offer capital equipment procurement, supply chain, energy efficiency, and aftermarket services.

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